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Inject Colour Into Your Living Room With Blue Curtains

It’s easy to give your living room a fresh new look simply by changing the curtains. For some reason many people seem to turn a blind eye when it comes to their window dressing – even after redecorating the same old curtains are hung back up and while this may save you a little money it rarely does anything to enhance your new look. Be brave and give your living a room an injection of colour by using blue curtains. There’s so many different shades of blue there’s plain or patterned curtains available. Blue doesn’t have to be a cold and uninviting colour, nor does it has to solely the domain of men! Let’s take a look at some of the shades and you’ll see how they can fit stylishly into many decorating motifs and colour palettes. Duck-egg This soft gentle colour of blue is perfect for traditional styles of home. It blends perfectly with cream and ivory and is ideal for bedroom curtains as well as the lounge. Full length curtains are preferable as they’ll... [Read more...]

Curtain Success – Be Inspired by Summer

Hot sultry nights and harsh sunlight during the day and it means it’s time to re-think your window dressing. Lightweight curtains that float in the breeze are ideal but they may leave your furniture and furnishings susceptible to damage and fading. Be inspired by Summer by using floral prints and bold colours and you’ll soon have your windows dressed to perfection. South facing windows will take the brunt of the harsh Summer sun so make sure that you give your south facing windows due care and attention. Lightweight voiles can help to make your room look cooler but they may not be sufficiently substantial to stop the room from becoming stiflingly hot. Using blinds in conjunction with floaty voiles or sheers means you’ll get the same floaty look and help protect your furniture and floors from fading. Without blinds you’ll need to seriously consider keeping the curtains closed all day, especially if you’re out at work and therefore unable to close them as the... [Read more...]

Have You Taken a Look at Your Curtains Lately?

Just like any other soft furnishing a window dressing needs to be looked after and care for correctly if you want it to stay looking fresh and new. As your window dressing is an integral part of the overall look and feel of your rooms you need to pay as much attention to them as you do your other furnishings. Left on their own and curtains can start to look drab and unloved. They won’t launder themselves, nor will they retain their pleats correctly unless you’re prepared to spend a little time giving them some TLC. Ready made curtains have made our lives so much easier many can be machine washed and even tumble dried so there’s little excuse for you not to keep them clean. Once taken down from your track or pole untie the knotted end of the heading tape and pull the fabric out to its full width to allow for proper cleaning. Follow the washing and drying instructions and then re-hang the curtains by pulling the heading tape cord so that pleats are evenly distributed... [Read more...]

Make Your Window Dressing Earn Its Keep

We may not live in a hot climate, but when the sun does shine it’s surprising how hot metal window blinds can become as they trap air between the slats, this of course also means that your rooms will also become hot. Likewise, during the winter cold air can easy become trapped between the metal slats, doing little to heat your rooms. Nowadays blinds are available in different materials so you don’t have to choose metal; opt for honeycomb or wood when you can because they’ll both help to retain heat inside your home during the cold month as well as providing an efficient way of helping to reduce heat build-up during the Summer. Similarly during the cooler months the sun’s rays can still do a good job of helping to heat your home. Make sure you fully open your curtains and blinds to expose as much of the glass as you can to enable the sun to provide you with free heat. At dusk draw the curtains or blinds closed to preserve the heat inside your rooms. You should also... [Read more...]

Tips to Choosing Curtains for Small Houses

Irrespective of the size of your home you’re going to need some form of window dressing. The dressing can purely be for aesthetic use or you may need them to help you maintain a private home without any passers-by being able to look in. Above all you’ll need a window dressing which suits the size of your windows and room. It’s all in the Balance Getting the balance of size right is the key to a successful window dressing. Too large and they’ll simply overpower and swamp the room; too small and they can make your room appear even smaller than it is. In order to get the balance right you’ll need to look at your windows with a critical eye. However, focus on the positives rather than the negatives – you may have small windows but they have a charm of their own and anything larger will be disproportionate. Today’s modern curtains favour full length and you’ll be able to use full length curtains if you want to, just make sure that the ready made curtains... [Read more...]

Tips to Choosing Nursery Curtains

With the Royal baby expected within the next few weeks mums and dads up and down the country are also waiting for the safe arrival of their baby. Decorating and preparing the nursery isn’t a new phenomenon, for centuries parents have made a special place for their newborn to keep it warm, safe and secure. For the first few weeks or so most newborns share their parents room. This makes for easier night feeds and helps mums to rest and sleep with the knowledge that their baby is close to hand. After this time, and the time varies from parent to parent, the baby moves into the nursery where it will sleep on its own. Today the baby intercoms and listening systems give peace of mind to anxious parents. Window dressings are an important aspect of nursery decorating. Not only should they compliment the décor and style of the nursery they also need to be practical and functional – as in they need to do their job correctly, which is to keep unwanted light and prying eyes out of the room. It... [Read more...]

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