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Christmas Interiors From Around The World – England

December 21, 2009 by admin · Leave a Comment 

All around the world you will find different style and themes of Christmas interiors. Every country has its own unique spin on how they design the rooms in their homes during the Christmas period.

With Christmas just found the corner you can quickly and easily transform any room in your house to have that simple and old world sophisticated charm associated with a traditional English Christmas.

The great thing about changing your interior for Christmas is that you know it’s only going to be temporary and so you don’t need to do anything over the top like painting walls or having new carpets fitted! Accessories are the key to a fabulous English Christmas Interior.

Cream curtains are ideal for creating a cohesive look to your rooms.

Cream curtains are ideal for creating a cohesive look to your rooms.

The most important room to focus on is the lounge. This is where your family and guests will spend most of their time over the Christmas holiday and so getting this room looking its best will help give you that festive feel this winter.

Reds and greens are very traditional colours that will help give the look and feel you are after. It’s important to add accessories and those personal Christmas touches to the focal points of the room. For the lounge this can be the fireplace, the coffee table and the window area.

Adding a centrepiece to your coffee table is simple yet effective. This can be done by placing a bowl in the centre and then filling it with pine cones. This will help give that true English feel. If you can’t get hold of pine cones then Christmas baubles make a good alternative.

Next place holly along the front of the mantle piece above the fire. Fixing the fresh holly to wire and then attaching it along the edge can achieve that quintessential English look. Additional baubles can then be added to give it a more modern flavour.

You can also added Christmas ornaments or candles to the mantle piece ends. This will help bring the whole look together. More holly and baubles can also be attached to any mirrors or pictures you have in the room.

Look at different ideas for the window and curtains as curtain tracks are another obvious place to run more decorations along. The windowsill is also a fantastic area to place your Christmas cards or accessories. Cream curtains or any light coloured curtains can help to accent the décor around the window area and give a sense of balance to the room.

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