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Christmas Interiors From Around The World – Scandinavian

December 17, 2009 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Light and airy is the main theme for Scandinavian interiors which maximise as much natural as possible.

Light and airy is the main theme for Scandinavian interiors which maximise as much natural as possible.

Light colours are used in Scandinavian festive decorations to maximum the few hours of natural daylight during the winter months. Typically homes are well insulated to retain as much heat as possible, and beds have goose or eider feather duvets along with quilted bedspreads to provide additional warmth.

Dried wheat stems are used to make table decorations as well as to make wreaths to hang in windows which are a combination of circular wreaths and wheat stems woven into snowflake styled designs.

Farmhouse style décor makes use of stripped floorboards and all things pine. Windows appear to be devoid of curtains, however, wooden shutters are used at night to keep the elements at bay. Fabrics are also kept simple and made from natural linen and cotton. The use of stripes and checks are the most popular in keeping with uncluttered, simple designs. Occasionally small floral patterns are seen in fabrics for curtains. accessories and soft furnishings to add elegance and chic styling. When lounge curtains are used they are usually net, lace or sheer voile styles and are used more as a decorative feature than for function as seen in homes in the UK. Lighting is typically iron chandeliers, wall sconces along with table and floor lamps.

Natural floorboards in light coloured woods such as pine, blonde ash or maple, the in-trend for painting floorboards white or pale yellow are also common place, if rugs are used, which is rarely, they are large but only plain or striped.

In modern and contemporary homes traditional Christmas themes also revolve around natural materials with most homes having a Christmas tree in the main living area which is decorated with home made gingerbread tied with ribbons, along with tinsel and baubles. Those who follow the natural materials style may also have small trees made from white goose feathers decorated with candy canes and marzipan fruits which are placed on a buffet table.

Many modern homes do have bedroom curtains which are usually hung from pine curtain poles in keeping with the natural interior design scheme or use wooden blinds. The main theme for Scandinavian homes is to keep their interiors light, airy and uncluttered. Mirrors are used in most rooms, again to maximise natural light when it is available.

Due to the lack of daylight hours during the long winter Scandinavian homes are always kept as light and airy as possible which is what you should aim for if you wish to emulate a Scandinavian styled interior design.

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