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Interior Design Trends for 2010

December 29, 2009 by admin · Leave a Comment 

It easy to see that 2010 will be strongly influenced by the global and green movement. A lot of thee interior design trends tend to follow a little behind the fashion world. So often we will see a hot new ocean blue dress on the cat walk and a few months later the same tone of blue curtains will come into fashion within the world of interior design.

Oceanic blue curtains are ideal for lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms

Oceanic blue curtains are ideal for lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms

There also looks to be a large increase in organic and environmentally friendly products this year with everyone wanting to do their part for the planet. So expect to see lots of earthy and natural colours. So be sure to take this into account as we move into 2010. Many of these products contain no dye or only use dye that comes from natural processes therefore beige curtains are bound to continue to be a hot favourite in 2010 for use as either lounge and bedroom curtains.

Also look out for other natural colours and try to include them in your home. Browns, greens and earthy colours are still very much in vogue and not only do they look fantastic they are also having a positive and worthwhile affect on the environment.

If you still want to add some interesting colours to your room hot tones are being paired with neutral colours to help make them more calm and sophisticated. Trying adding a bright yellow along side a beige to help add some sizzle to any room in your home. If you really want to create a sense of impact then purple can work particularly well. A deep rich purple can work really well or even a light lavender can really team well with yellow and natural colours if done correctly.

Fabrics with intricate details are also very much in this season with tufted buttons and pleats to show off the quality. Be careful not to over do it as this could appear overwhelming. They are best used for accessories rather than throughout the entire room.

Also look out for some great high grade fibres and yarns being used to create some top class textures, feels and durability. The quality of material continues to improve and often investing in superior material is well worth it for the improvement in design.

With so many exciting new things on the horizon 2010 is certainly going to be a huge year for the interior design industry. Just remember to be true to yourself and your own design tastes. It’s important to have a home you love the look of and not just what the latest fashions tell you to have!

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