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Review Of 2009 Interior Design Trends

December 31, 2009 by admin · Leave a Comment 

We are all too aware that 2009 saw many people struggling to make ends meet as the recession took a firm grip on consumer spending. There were also some interior design trends and blunders which some will be very glad to see the back of, whilst new in-trend catch words such as, ‘up-cycling, ‘going green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ look set to remain with us in 2010 there are other design ‘words’ which are like niggling TV ads tunes which spin round inside your head in a very irritating way!

‘Staying in is the new going out’ has been bandied around in 2009 and for many the principles will still apply, but hopefully the catch phrase will disappear!

Television home make-over programmes showed how to re-decorate and spruce up our homes for little cost and whilst these programmes do show us new ways to hang our curtains in different ways, they also seem to have run their course. Granite kitchen work tops were used ad-hoc on these shows and yet in reality these are very costly and way beyond many people’s budgets.

Some of the other 2009 interior design blunders include:

  • Having far too much furniture in small spaces, such as huge leather sofas which actually block main walking areas.

  • The mistake of using the design ’shabby chic’ to throw anything at all into a room, making it look more like a jumble sale than a ’shabby chic’ interior!

  • Colour coordination, this is a far cry from ‘colour clashing’ which is well thought out to provide maximum impact and chic styling.

Use of Natural fabrics is one of the interior design trends in 2010

Use of Natural fabrics is one of the interior design trends in 2010

New trends to bring into your home in 2010.

  • Eclectic styling!

  • Organic and eco-friendly products, including eyelet curtains made from natural materials.

  • Punchy colours which make a real impact, such as shades of purple, yellow and turquoise.

  • The term ‘comfort zone’ will be applied and replace the 2009 ’staying in is the new going out’ phrase!

  • Sustainability and durability will be key factors in 2010 interior designs. Fabrics will need to offer exceptional value for money with thread-counts being sufficient to be robust and durable, this applies to all soft furnishings and ready made curtains or curtain fabrics.

As with fashion interior design trends come and go throughout the decades, many are timeless and remain firm favourites whilst others are whimsical and barely last the year, so think wisely before you decide to splash out on that plaid sofa just because it’s being sold at half price and consider whether it will offer you comfort and value for money!

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