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Winter Warming Colour Schemes

December 11, 2009 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Grape Matrix ready made eyelet curtains are ideal to create stunning interiors which make you feel warm!

Grape Matrix ready made eyelet curtains are ideal to create stunning interiors which make you feel warm!

It’s easy to create wonderful interior designs using the latest colour schemes. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer beat the winter blues by using winter warming colours such as grape and soft greys.

The colour you use in your home not only reflects your own personality but also can alter the way you feel. When it’s cold you need colours which make you feel warm! This may sound rather bizarre, however colour therapists would beg to differ as they have proven that the colours you use can have a profound effect on your whole persona, attitude and well-being.

Colours come in a variety of shades some of which are classed as cold colours, such as blue, or hot colours such as reds and oranges. Therefore if you are chilly mortal which feels the cold you should use colours which make you feel warm!

This may be psychological however, it definitely works! Opt for warm colours such as muted shades of purple, lilac, orange and mid range red curtains to make you feel warm. To add interest to your home combine these or used in conjunction with other colours which fall within the same colour spectrum range, such as soft grey.

Texture can also play an important part in making you feel warm! Think of crushed velvet and fluffy fabrics that make you want to curl up on a sofa with a cup of steaming hot chocolate! Alternatively you could use woollen fabrics such as tartan or plaids which are made with a high percentage of wool which will help you to feel cosy and warm.

If you want something more fashionable and funky why not use pink curtains teamed with apple green? These colour combinations are refreshing and yet still within the warm colour palette.

Those that feel the cold and live in a house which is not insulated terribly well, use layering at your windows in much the same way as you would add an extra layer of clothing! The best options are fabric Roman blinds or blinds which have an insulating property used in conjunction with fully lined made-to-measure curtains.

It is surprising how much heat can be lost through windows even though they are double glazed. Pull the blinds and the curtains throughout your home at dusk to help retain the heat within your rooms. Make sure that you block up any drafts otherwise your efforts will be futile!

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