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It’s Wise Not To Scrimp On Curtain Fabric!

March 24, 2010 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Having beautifully dressed windows throughout your home brings the whole room together, that’s why it’s important to choose the right type of window treatment to suit both the colour and style of your interior.

Whilst shabby chic and eclectic mixes are on-trend there has to be something said about having elegant window dressings if you want your rooms to ooze chic style!

With the huge variations of styles and designs of curtain and blinds available you don’t have to splash out a fortune to create stunning windows. Ready made curtains are the easiest option just as long as you remember to measure your windows correctly to ensure they hang correctly. Trying to scrimp on the amount of fabric by selecting smaller widths will stand out a mile!

As a general rule of thumb the amount of fabric should be at least double the width of the windows, this does vary on the type of heading you choose, for example if you want to create a look with an abundance of pleats the more fabric will be needed.

To achieve a look which has a graceful elegance light or medium weight fabrics are best as these have more fluidity than thicker curtains, allowing the fabric to fall into natural folds and pleats.

This year window treatments are all about chic styling and bringing different textures into your rooms. If you want to give the room more natural light opt for white, ivory or cream curtains in a fabric which has a reflective surface such as satin or faux satin. Many of the polyester blends give the illusion of real satin but usually are less expensive and easier to maintain.

Successful window treatments are all about chic styling

If your rooms are predominately brown or cream inject colour by using vibrant filled cushions, by only using cushions as the bright accent colour you can easily give your room an interior design look without having to hire a professional designer!

Alternatively you could use vibrant pink curtains to create a more fun and less formal interior. Experiment with colour and as the seasons change you could easily swap the filled cushions and/or the curtains to reflect the colours of the season, it’s a very inexpensive way of bringing a whole new look and dimension to your rooms!

So if you prefer the neutral and natural tones as your main colour it makes your life a whole lot easier to bring a fresh new look as cream and beige are softer on the eye than white and suits all styles of homes perfectly.

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