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Tips To Bring Outdoors Indoors: Part 1

March 27, 2010 by admin · Leave a Comment 

You don’t have to knock down walls or carry out major renovations to bring a touch of outdoors indoors. There are several different approaches you can take depending on the style of your home and your interior design style.

Windows: You don’t need to live in a home with overly large windows, patio doors or large picture windows which overlook your garden should be kept clutter free to show off the outside space to its best effect. Keep window dressings to a minimum by opting for ready made curtains or vertical blinds which can be pushed to the sides to maximise the window space fully.

Large picture windows which overlook your garden should be kept clutter free

Try and coordinate your indoor furniture your outside space: Mid tones of natural wood indoors can be teamed with plants and containers on your patio. If you have decking using the same colour wood indoors will draw the eye naturally outside giving the illusion of one continuous area.

If you give your garden a colour scheme by painting your garden furniture to reflect the colour scheme in the room nearest the garden is an easy and effective way way to link the two spaces visually. Use planting around the patio to echo the colours indoors as well to provide visual balance and harmony.

Link the two spaces by using green: Green is associated with outdoors, by using green at your windows will help bring the garden and indoors together. You could use neutral coloured cream curtains to compliment your outside area and patio furniture.

Use garden furniture indoors: Look for garden furniture which could also be used indoors comfortably, this will enhance the outdoor – indoor look effortlessly. If you don’t have patio doors or French doors which can be opened to blur the two spaces together visually opt for indoor furniture which compliments your garden furniture. Either way is a great way to join the areas together.

Low furniture: If the layout of your room means you have to place furniture across your windows try choosing sofas and chairs with low backs so that they do not obscure the view to outside. Keeping your rooms as clutter free as your garden will also be an easy and effective way of bridging the divide. Use floral patterned curtains or floaty voile curtains so that even on the wettest and dullest of days you’re still reminded of the outdoors.

Part 2 of this mini series will offer you more ways to bring outdoors indoors without having to spend a fortune!

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