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Traditional Bedroom Styles And Window Treatments

March 9, 2010 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Choosing beautiful bedroom window treatments is far easier than you may think! The trick to successful bedroom styles is to keep things neutral using softer colours which are gentle on the eye. Over recent years we have seen the bedrooms becoming more than places just to sleep.

People have TVs, computers and even exercise machines in their bedrooms. However, the new trend is to return bedrooms which are used solely as a place to sleep, rest and relax. Sleep therapists are telling us to get rid of any distractions within the bedroom in order to have quality sleep which leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to face another day!

If you’re looking to create a traditional style bedroom all the gadgets and gizmos will have to go! The main focus will be the bed, as this is of course the largest piece of furniture in the room. Statement headboards are also in trend this year and although large brightly coloured headboards certainly add interest to the room, and more traditional style bedroom is more likely to have a very velour buttons headboard.

Coordinating the colours is all so recommended so that there are no glaring distractions within traditional styled rooms. The window treatment you choose should also coordinate with the theme of the room and the colour scheme. Having full-length curtains has become the norm, and those that are not bothered by the need for privacy Roman blinds used in conjunction with ready made curtains create a sumptuous and very refined look at your windows.

Beige curtains teamed with the same colour Roman blinds offers a very sophisticated look

Beige curtains teamed with the same colour Roman blinds offers a very sophisticated look. In order to get exactly the same colour matches it will either be a choice of you making your own Roman blinds and bedroom curtains or opting for made to measure alternatives.

The bedding you choose should also coordinate, and with the vast ranges of different shades of beige and creams a stunning bedroom interior can easily be achieved. An easy chair ads a personal touch and is ideal for those who like an afternoon siesta!

Although very traditional these styles of bedrooms offer many delightful aspects. If you prefer a bedroom which is a little more lively an accent colour can easily be included and offers a complete new look. As beige is a neutral colour the accent colour you choose can be virtually anything, from white right through the colour spectrum and even black if you want a more contemporary look.

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