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10 Glamorous Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 10: Plush Purple and Silver

September 28, 2011 by admin · Leave a Comment 

We come to the last post of our mini-series on glamorous bedrooms and today we’re going to focus on plush purple and silver. These gorgeous colour combination ooze style and sophistication. Purple
has a historic association with the wealthy, being a colour which is also associated with royalty. While silver may not command such high prices as gold it blends well with purple, offering a glamorous look which isn’t too over indulgent.

This post encompasses all of the latest interior design trends, a statement headboard, rich purple (plum) tones and metallic silver. As with any interior you can take from it the pieces you like and build or adapt them to suit the style and size of your bedroom.

Bedroom curtains in plush paler purple tones help to bring a balanced look with isn’t too overpowering while still retaining the glamorous elements. Full length curtains are a must, two tone preferably to coordinate with the headboard and bedding, with this design along with sumptuous fabrics such as crushed velvet or opulent organza. Made to measure curtains will also add a touch of glam to the room with tracking hidden discreetly behind a pelmet.

You could also use a single curtain to use as wall decoration and bring another texture into the room. Hanging curtains as a wall covering is becoming increasingly popular and is a great wide to hide an imperfect wall, more especially if you’re one of the thousands living in rented accommodation.

This glamorous, plush interior is all about tactile fabrics and materials. Choose those which are soft to touch, including a deep piled carpet, faux fur bed throes, silk, satin and organza. Try not to add too many lacy items or patterns as the focus of this style of bedroom is primarily the bed with its oversized headboard and canopy. Both of which are reminiscent of royalty and grandiose luxury.

You can also make a similar bed canopy by using MDF board and a pair of ready made curtains. As this isn’t a four poster bed the curtains should go all the way around the bed frame, they should fall down each side of the top portion of the bed and be held in place with curtain tie backs.

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